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Jesus Christ Statues & Figurines

Our entire faith is based on one person whom is divided into three. Jesus, Father, and Holy Spirit. Our beloved and most sought after images of Christ are widely known throughout the Catholic community. The faces on our most popular devotions like the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Divine Mercy are truly treasures of faith. With both large and small sculptures in various styles, you can be assured of only the best in terms of quality and selection. Need a statue for your church or garden? Check out some of our larger figures and enjoy the beautiful selection we have to offer.

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Sacred Heart of Jesus 12 inch resin statue Sacred Heart of Jesus 12 Inch Statue
Price: $79.95
Adjusted Price: $39.99

Why Choose our Jesus Sculptures

When you are looking for a statue what comes to mind? You may say how it's painted or what size, but our customers number one priority is how beautiful the face is. We have gone to great lengths in ensuring all of the sculptures and figures we design have beautiful faces. Our Faithfully Inspiring Collection is sought by thousands of customers nationwide and has become one of the most popular collections in terms of quality, price, and satisfaction. Not only are you just buying a statue of Jesus Christ, but you are buying a part of his image. The beautiful textures we include on every figure are all hand painted. Every decoration, every eye, is perfectly painted to ensure his image is nothing more than divine. We are sure what we have to offer is going to put a smile on your face, and Christ's too.